How to Prepare for Inspection of Your Fire Protection System

fire safety plan

It’s incredibly important that your business stays up to code, because otherwise, your building is very unsafe and could land you with heavy fines.

If you’ve had your fire protection system installed for a while, it’s possible you may not even realize when something isn’t functioning properly.  This problem won’t be realized until it’s too late, and your fire protection system inspection is taking place.  While fire codes tend to change and vary from state-to-state and with different occupations, the preparation for passing an inspection stays very much the same.  It’s incredibly important that your business stays up to code, because otherwise, your building is very unsafe and could land you with heavy fines.  Read on to find out what you can do to prepare for your inspection.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!


When you start off the year with a preparation plan, not only are you keeping your business safe from fire, you’re also starting habits that will ultimately lead to a successful inspection.  Make sure employees and managers are both well-aware of what they need to keep track of in terms of fire protection.  These safety necessities may change depending on department, so assign a designated and trustworthy person to take charge and keep track of fire safety.  Make sure every single person in your business building knows what it takes to stick to the fire safety code, and keep them prepared for what the inspector might look for.


What Leads to Failure?


So, what are the biggest reasons for fire safety inspection failure?  One of the most common is the blocking of emergency exits.  We understand that storage may be short, but keeping large equipment, or even simple clutter, in the way of exits can lead to an inspection failure.  Likewise, there can be nothing combustible placed anywhere near an escape route.  Fire doors, which close upon a tripped fire alarm, are also a necessity.  You should also be sure to check your electrical components, as they should all be properly labeled and organized in an understandable manner.  If your wires are all over the place and unlabeled, you could fail an inspection.  Lastly, make sure that access to water sources the fire department connects to is clear and unobstructed.  If this route isn’t clear, fire departments won’t be able to run water to the source of the fire–this leads to failure of inspection, and possible loss of life.


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