How to Properly and Safely Test Your Smoke Alarms

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Smoke alarms can be incredibly loud, and some are very sensitive. However, when properly tested, these kinds of minor issues are worth it.

Smoke alarms are not only an essential part of the home, they’re also life-saving devices.  Some find them to be a nuisance–when they malfunction, you can be kept awake by their poorly timed beeping.  Smoke alarms can be incredibly loud, and some are very sensitive.  However, when properly tested, these kinds of minor issues are worth it.  A quality smoke alarm can not only prevent large residential blazes, but it can also save the lives of your family.  Make sure you’re properly and safely testing your smoke alarms regularly!

Why Test?


Testing your smoke alarm is extremely important.  If your alarm is malfunctioning, you should never pull it off the wall and ignore it.  Removing the battery is also an unsafe, unwise decision.  And, if you think you don’t need to test your alarms because they aren’t malfunctioning, think again.  When the batteries die, smoke alarms don’t always show signs.  They may die without you realizing, until it’s far too late.  Testing your smoke alarms is the only way to ensure that you’re safe from potential fires.


How to Test


When testing, you should take a few precautions.  First of all, smoke alarms are very loud–if you have others in your home, make sure they’re aware that you are testing the alarm.  Not only is the alarm startling, but it could also have them think a real fire is happening.  You should also have someone stand as far away from the alarm as possible–this is how you’re going to tell whether or not the alarm can be heard throughout the house, which is incredibly important.  Your next step is to press the button on the front of the smoke alarm.  This will cause the alarm to sound, and can indicate if it is properly functioning.  If the alarm is not heard throughout the house, or doesn’t go off at all, you must replace the batteries.  Inspect your smoke alarm every month, and replace the battery after six months, regardless of testing.  Smoke alarms have regular life spans of up to ten years, so replace them after this mark.  Never test your alarm using a live flame.


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