How Your Family Should be Preparing for a Fire

Old Smoke Detector

Fire safety is one of the most important aspects of owning a home, especially if you’ve got a family. Unfortunately, fires are a common disaster.

Fire safety is one of the most important aspects of owning a home, especially if you’ve got a family.  Unfortunately, fires are a common disaster, and are statistically very difficult to avoid.  It’s possible your fire might just be a small flame that is easily extinguishable; it could also be something much worse, and you need to be ready for both.  Sit down with your family, and go over these simple ways to help protect yourselves from a fire.

Make a Plan


You need a fire safety plan in order to act appropriately during a fire.  Make sure your entire family is on the same page when it comes to a plan; where’s the meeting place?  Where are the fire extinguishers?  What can be used to break a window, if need be?  These are all questions you should be answering with your fire safety plan.


Always Check Smoke Detectors


If you don’t notice the smoke, your smoke detectors will.  These devices can and will save lives.  Smoke detectors run on batteries that need to be checked regularly.  If one mistakenly goes off, don’t let it hang from the wall in disrepair just to stop the loud alarm.  Get your smoke alarms fixed promptly and ensure they are constantly working to protect you.


Watch for Hazards


You should constantly be on the lookout for possible fire hazards that could threaten your family and your home.  There should be no unattended candles, incense burners or stove flames.  These objects should also be far away from any curtains or drapery that could potentially catch the flame.  You should also be sure to not leave any space heaters unattended, as they can malfunction and cause a house fire.  The same goes for any kind of appliance that heats up on its own, like hair straighteners or toaster ovens.


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