Improve Wireless Music Streaming with Sonos Boost

wirelessIf you’re a Maryland music lover living or working in an area where wireless radio signals from your network provider’s standard router is often lacking in performance, or outright fails to cover the entirety of your Maryland home or office, you’ve probably considered purchasing a range extender or additional router. However, even these devices may have trouble providing high quality, consistent music streaming in certain areas. Enter the Sonos Boost a wireless range extender focused entirely on improving the stability and speed of wireless music streaming.

Complete Wireless Coverage

The Sonos Boost comes designed from the music-tech experts behind the industry’s clearest, most reliable wireless speakers, and is the most powerful broadcast device the company has ever created, surpassing the company’s already potent Sonos Bridge by a factor of 2.  The Sonos Boost contains 3 internal antennae that broadcast in a 360° radius which guarantees complete audio access throughout your Maryland home.

Separate Network Neutralization

The Sonos Boost operates on a different frequency than most standard wireless broadcasting devices allowing it to stream music with no interference from other networks, baby monitors, microwave radiation, and other household appliances that can interfere with wireless streaming.

Secure, Quality Streaming

The Sonos Boost is designed to transmit high-quality audio wirelessly while preserving fidelity and bitrate, ensuring that your music can be accessed anywhere, instantly, and at fidelity unparalleled by any other wireless device. The Sonos Boost also uses secure AES encryption, keeping your wireless network for your use alone.

Where Can I Buy One?

The Sonos Boost is just one of the many audio/visual products offered through Chesapeake System Service, Inc, Maryland’s premiere home theatre and audio system installation company. Whether you are looking to include a whole house audio system in a home you are building or want to add it to an existing home, we have a solution for you.

You can contact Chesapeake Systems Service, Inc. by calling 800-205-4909 or click here today for a free estimate! Bringing you the best in Home Audio Systems would be our pleasure!

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