Improving Baltimore Home Security with Smart Locks

smart lockThe first thought that most people have when they hear “home automation” is a stereo system that they can control with their phones. While they wouldn’t be wrong, that’s not the only thing (or the most important thing) that home automation is used for, especially since home automation is becoming more and more accessible all the time. Smart locks are a favorite of many who want to keep their homes safe and ensure that they’re able to access their homes quickly if the need arises. Recently, two companies merged to make it even simpler to monitor home security by using smart locks.

What is the Benefit of Integrating Smart Locks with Home Automation?

Security systems that are part of home automation systems give you the ability to check your home security from anywhere at any time. Some of these systems include security cameras that you can view on your mobile device in real time. Others allow you to know if someone attempts to open a door or window in your home (and which one). When companies like and Schlage partner, it’s the start of a great relationship. Working together, they can bring home automation and security to an all-time high. According to Connect World Magazine, “customers will have more options when it comes to keyless control and the ability to monitor in/out activity remotely via connected device.” Being able to connect to your home from anywhere will leave you feeling more secure and comfortable.

Most smart locks now give you the option of using a key, a touch screen keypad, or a regular electronic keypad for entry. Keyless entry is safe because:

  1. It’s harder for someone to guess a code than it is for them to pick a traditional lock.
  2. You no longer have to worry about accidentally locking your keys in your home and finding yourself stranded on your own doorstep.

When you hook your keyless lock up to the rest of your home automated security system, you can find out when someone tries to enter your home, whether they’re allowed to be there or not. It’ll also make receiving packages easier as the technology continues to grow and develop. Instead of having an important, expensive package sitting your doorstep, allow delivery people to open the door and drop off the package. Meanwhile, you can monitor the whole transaction from your workplace. It’s convenience and safety all rolled up into one!

Automated Home Security from Chesapeake System Service

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Source: Connected World Mag

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