Improving your Home Theater: Screen Selection, Wall Color & Lighting

When it comes to luxury, what is more luxurious than a home theater? And with the constantly rising prices of movie tickets, home theaters just make sense. You can enjoy all of the luxuries of a movie theater in the comfort of your own home. But how do you ensure you are getting the best possible experience with your home theater?


Improving your Home Theater: Screen Selection, Wall Color & Lighting


  1. Projector: Obviously, the first thing you need is a quality projector. However, there are several other factors to consider as well.
  2. Screen Selection:  Believe it or not, your screen plays an important role in the image you see. However, selecting a screen isn’t always easy. Screens act differently in different situations. There is no one screen that is better than the rest. Screen selection must be done on a case-by-case basis. Rooms with a lot of ambient light must have a screen with a light rejection surface. These screens are designed to turn away light at very specific angles while accepting light that comes from the direction of the projector. Still, this is just one example. Every situation is different.
  3. Wall Color: Next time you go to a movie theater, take note of the wall color. I bet you the colors are painted a dark color. This is designed to focus the viewer’s attention forward at the screen. However, you want your home theater to be aesthetically appealing. So what colors are best? Well, first let’s talk about finish. Avoid semi-gloss. These paints reflect light and make a room brighter. Instead, opt for a flat sheen in dark, earthy tones or eggshell. Another suggestion is to paint the front wall, where the screen goes, a flat, light-absorbing dark gray. This will help prevent light from bouncing back at the viewers.
  4. Lighting: We have talked about light a lot so far. So, as you can probably imagine, lighting is important! First and foremost, it is important to keep light away from the screen. To accomplish this, place lights as far away from the screen as possible and do not direct them towards the screen. This is also an area where lighting control solutions are extremely useful, especially separate lighting zones.


Elan g!: Lighting Control Solutions from Chesapeake Systems Services


Elan g! allows you to manipulate the lights in your home with a simple touch. You can quickly turn your lights off, dim lights, manage shades, and creating custom lighting schedules. And CSS is your choice for Elan g! system design and installation. We are a factory authorized direct dealer with experience in small to very large systems.


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