How to Integrate Home Technology Without Compromising Interior Design

The electronic industry has truly progressed through the years and continues to go above and beyond our expectations as consumers. Take the iPod for example. What started as a clunky, box-shaped, hand-held, is now something that comes in many different forms to please the consumer, thanks to the listening capabilities of Apple.

Personally, I play music on my phone because I do not like extra devices- too much clutter. The same opinion can be applied to home technology today. I want a top of the line sound system in my family room but I do not want to see the large and awkward speakers surrounding my TV. How do I achieve that?

The search for this balance continues today. Home technology integrators and manufacturers alike have been working tirelessly to achieve these goals not only to please the homeowner, but the interior designer, architect, and custom builder as well.

There are more options than ever that allow us the ability to integrate home technology with the aesthetic of a home. Read on for a few examples-

Lighting & Shading

Lighting in a home is truly underestimated. It can change the mood and feeling of a room within a home, highlight a specific area, or even dim for customization. Several lights strategically placed in a room may look nice, but it generally means more light switches scattered along your wall.

Centralized lighting gives you the ability to control every light fixture from one panel on your wall, in comparison to having a switch to control each individual light.

Shading has become increasingly popular over the years as well. Not only are motorized shades convenient for the hard to reach windows, they also make your home more energy efficient and protect any art on the walls or fabrics on your furniture.

Lighting and shading are two important elements of a home, and with home technology, you can provide more convenience without disrupting your home design.

Invisible Speakers

Your music system should always cover your entertainment space with even sound distribution. But more importantly, when you are entertaining, you want your guests to enjoy what is playing on the screen, not what is surrounding it.

CSS can provide you with an entire line of invisible speakers. These speakers provide you with the best possible sound and eliminate bulky box-like systems that come with traditional speakers. This line of speakers helps to put an end to “aesthetic pollution” by mounting the speakers into your drywall so that they truly are invisible without sacrificing the quality of sound.


TVs end up being the focal point of most rooms in a home. Unfortunately, even when you are not watching it, it tends to draw your eye because it is generally the largest thing in a room.

Today, there are ways to ultimately make your TV disappear when you are done watching. With Stealth CoverArt, you can choose a painting and have it installed so that when you want to watch TV, the canvas artwork rolls back slowly and presents your TV to you. Done watching? Just press a button on your smart phone and your artwork will roll down from behind the TV, making it disappear.

Outdoor Entertainment

Outdoor sound systems are equally as important as indoor systems. From the outdoor grilling area all the way to the deep end of the pool, you want to make sure you cover the entire area with top-quality sound.

The last thing that you would want is several, rock-looking speakers scattered awkwardly throughout your yard and garden.

CSS can provide you a wide selection of top-quality brand landscape speakers that offer you premium performance, more flexibility on placement throughout your yard, and more expandability than most others. You can enjoy a quality sound system throughout all seasons!

Get the Best of Both Worlds with CSS!

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