Learn about Burglary Trends to secure Your Maryland Home

In 2011, the most recent year the justice department has released statistics for, roughly 3,394,700 American homes were victimized by burglars. Since 1994 the median dollar value of items taken during burglaries has increased a whopping 54% from a median loss of $389 to $600 (adjusted for inflation). It can be a dangerous world out there and it’s more important than ever to keep your home secured from intruders and theft. One of the best tool you have in planning your Maryland home security system is understanding criminal behavior and recent burglary trends to know exactly where you should focus your defenses.Burglary trends

Points of Entry

Let’s start with entry points. Contrary to what conventional wisdom might suggest, burglary trends suggest that a burglar’s favored point of ingress is often your front door, with that opening providing entry for roughly 34% of all burglaries in 2010. The next most likely spots are a first-floor window (23%) or the back door (22%). From there Burglars will typically beeline for the master bedroom and search for any safes or containers of jewelry, cash, or portable electronics. Remember a burglar wants to get in and out as quickly as possible, preferably in one trip so the smallest and most valuable objects are their prime targets.

Vulnerable Hours

As far as windows of opportunity go, burglary trends prove that daytime is actually a burglar’s preferred time to strike with most burglaries taking place between the hours of 10am and 3pm. Burglars also tend to attack much more often during the summer. The peak months for robberies are July and August, when windows or even doors may be haphazardly left open.

Burglary trends suggest that offenders are typically men under 25 who target homes within a few miles of their own residence. They primarily gain entry through breaking glass, jimmying a door with a crowbar, or using bump keys (keys that can be used to open all locks of a specific make or model) to trick low-security locks and waltz right in.

A Maryland Home Security System Can Help

If you want to secure your home and valuables against the threat of burglary and theft then you may want to consider purchasing a Maryland home security system, video surveillance accessible from your phone, window and door alarms, or a 24-hour home monitoring service. Fortunately Chesapeake Systems Service Inc. is here and can supply you with all these services and many more, with quality customer service and care.

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