Listen to Google Play Music Anywhere with Sonos Speakers

sonos home automationYou’ve heard us get excited about Sonos on more than one occasion. We love the booming, clear sound that Sonos is so famous for. Even more than that, we love that Sonos owners can listen to their music just about anywhere in their home with Sonos wireless technology and a Smart device or computer. Up until now, Spotify and Pandora were the only music platforms that were supported by Sonos. Google Play recently stepped up to join Sonos with their “Google Play Music All Access” streaming service. Lengthy name aside, there are many reasons that music lovers (and Sonos lovers) are celebrating this addition to the Sonos-verse.

For those who use Android devices and already have Google Play, this is going to make it easier to stream from phones or tablets. The app can also be downloaded for other devices, such as Windows and Apple so it’ll still be just as simple for those who previously had been using Pandora or Spotify. One of the benefits of Google Play’s streaming service is that it has a feature that allows you to upload your own music to it, rather than just using the tracks that you’re streaming. If you have downloaded podcasts or audiobooks, it’ll make it even easier to stream to your Sonos speakers all from one place. Streaming to your Sonos speakers from Google Play Music All Access can now be done automatically, as well, with the tap of an icon through your Sonos app. It’ll make it quick and simple to stream all of your music and podcasts without taking up much space on your device. You’ll only need to worry about holding on to your one device for music. Save the space for the apps that important to you and stream your music instead.

If you haven’t already invested in a Sonos home speaker system, now is the time. You have options when it comes to the types of speakers you get and whether you want to go for your whole home in one shot or expand later. There’s always the ability to expand and add on to your home automation system with Sonos products. Sonos also makes streaming your favorite music, shows, and podcasts across your home very simple. You just need to get started building your home network!

That’s where CSS comes in. We know Sonos products and we’re ready to help you take that first step into the expanding world of home automation systems. If you have any questions about in home technology solutions or wish to set up a consultation with one of our security experts, please contact Chesapeake Systems Services, Inc. – an authorized dealer – by calling 800-205-4909 or click here today! You can follow CSS Inc.on Facebook, Pinterest,  LinkedIn,Google+ and Twitter as well!

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