Little Speaker, Big Sound: The Sonos Playbar

sonos soundbarSonos sound systems are some of the best on the market. We highly recommend them for home theaters, adding a little something to your existing sound system, and for those who need something easy to use but don’t want to sacrifice quality. The Sonos Playbar is touted as one of the best speaker systems for people who want the best audio experience possible, whether that be with music or through movies/TV. The Sonos Playbar has a lot to offer people who love good sound.

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The Sonos Playbar has 9 amplified speakers that make the normal sound that comes out of the TV sound weak in comparison. You’ll feel immersed in the sound coming from the Playbar. Even though it’s not actually surround sound, the amplification and quality of sound will make it feel that way. The Playbar also allows you to stream your music wirelessly using a smart device (like a phone or a tablet). The great thing about the Playbar (and Sonos products in general) is that it can be synced with other Sonos devices in your home. You can create a full network of speakers throughout your house so you can listen to your music anywhere. In order to use the Sonos Playbar with your television, you simply plug it in with an optical cord to your TV and it will work for everything plugged into the television – game systems included. Its convenience is unmatched and its ease of use is a big draw for customers who don’t want to spend a lot of time worrying about setup and which cord goes where.

One thing that sometimes causes people to change their mind about the Sonos Playbar is the cost – it can get a little bit pricey. However, any expert you ask will tell you that it is worth every penny. It has incredibly powerful sound and can be used with 3.1 or 5.1 surround sound when you expand your speaker system to include the sub and rear speakers; not that you need to, but if you want the full theater experience, this will do it. Sonos has a reputation for being one of the best audio companies in the business and the Sonos Playbar exemplifies the reason for their good standing.

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