Location-Based Thermostat Automation & Video Recording from Alarm.com

 Location Based Thermostat AutomationThe leading provider of interactive security and home automation services, Alarm.com, has recently announced several new enhancements to its already robust Geo-Services offering, including Location-Based Thermostat Automation & Video Recording.

“Alarm.com is focused on adding features that work automatically to provide greater value, without the homeowner having to remember to take extra steps,” said Rebecca Davenport, Alarm.com’s director of product management.

Location-Based Thermostat Automation

Alarm.com’s location-based thermostat automation allows homeowners to use their location as an input to make automatic adjustments at home. To put this more simply, homeowners can set their thermostat to adjust to energy saving mode when they leave home and re-adjust to its original setting when they are on their way home.

Saving money without sacrificing comfort has never been so easy!

“Our expansion of location-based technology allows the system to be extremely personalized, reacting in real-time to the behavior of the individuals it serves,” said  Davenport.


Location-Based Video Recording


Alarm.com now allows homeowners to create specific rules, pausing certain video recording rules or schedules, when they are home. This allows for increased privacy without sacrificing the security benefit of video monitoring.

“Using location as another input to intelligently make adjustments in the home is a natural extension of the platform,” said Davenport. “We are excited to continue evolving this technology and to layer it into additional features in the future to make our service more useful every day.”

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Alarm.com Offers Location-Based Thermostat Automation and Video Recording through Geo-Services

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