Why You Need A Smart Thermostat

Why You Need A Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats from Aprilaire offer a ton of value, starting with how easy they are to use.

Don’t rely on the past. Homeowners are still more likely to rely on thermostats that were there upon purchasing their home. It makes sense, because it’s certainly much easier to just let it be. However, traditional thermostats are so far behind that it actually doesn’t make sense in the long run. The wise move would be to transition to a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats from Aprilaire offer a ton of value, starting with how easy they are to use.

Ease of Use

The biggest benefit of these thermostats is how accessible they can be. They’re much more impressive than traditional thermostats, and that’s partially because they have an app to go along with it. The app allows you to pull off the “set and forget” move. It’s the idea that you can set the temperature or control humidity from afar, and once that’s done you don’t have to worry. The mobile app also allows you to change the quality of air in your home, all with the push of a button. You’ll receive text message notifications if anything needs to be serviced. It’s much simpler, and it aligns with the rapid growth of home automation.

Energy Efficient

The difference between non-smart and smart thermostats (other than effectiveness) is how they affect your safety. Non-smart thermostats have a high amount of mercury, which makes your home a far more dangerous environment. smart thermostats are programmable, meaning this risk is not present. By having a smart programmable thermostat, you can easily save money on your bills.


These thermostats are modern, and the modern home tries to hide features like a thermostat. The good news is that you don’t need to have your thermostat on a wall out in the open. They could be installed in a closet, or even somewhere hidden in the home. You can have sensors installed throughout the home that relay information back to the thermostat to keep track of the temperature.

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