Why Now is the Time to Invest in a Home Theater System

home theater It’s the weekend, you’ve worked hard all week, so you’ve decided to treat yourself and go see the latest blockbuster at the local movie theater.  You head to the theater, fight for parking, and then find, that despite arriving an hour early, the showing you wanted to see is sold out. You’re forced to shell out 15 dollars for the 3D showing, which you didn’t want to see, but was the only one available. You eat out at a nearby restaurant to fill the time until the movie starts, spending even more money.  Finally the time comes for your showing and you get a nice rail seat in the stadium seating theater, thanks to showing up half an hour early.  You decide to get a snack while you wait, and suddenly the ticket price doesn’t seem so bad. You spend $18.71 for an artery clogging large popcorn, large soda, and box of candy. You get back to your theater and sit down just as the movie is about to start and you feel someone kicking the back of the seat, teenagers are throwing popcorn from the top row, and someone is talking on their cell phone. Didn’t you come to the theater to relax?

There’s a better way. A one time investment in a home theater purchased and installed by Chesapeake System Service, Inc. (CSS) will save you money in the long run, and allow you to enjoy the awesome experience of the big screen and professional sound, without the crowding and annoying theater goers.

The Cost of Going to the Movies

The amount you spend yearly at the movie theater varies a lot depending on your movie going habits.  Do you like to catch every major block buster, or just watch one or two a year? Do you take your kids to see animated films, or go on date movies with your loved one? Do you like to buy snacks or bring them from home? All the costs add up regardless, and the one thing that doesn’t change is that the cost of going out to the movie theater increases every year.

While the cost of going out to the theater goes up, the cost of owning a home theater goes down, as projectors and sound systems become more common and affordable.  CSS has the equipment you made to turn your living room into a theater experience, and if you’re not tech savvy can install it for you too.  Once you have the system you can purchase movies on demand, through streaming services, or on Blu-ray or DVD, and enjoy snacks from home.

Enjoying your Film in a Controlled Environment

While the money saved from owning a home theater system might take a bit to add up to the cost, one major benefit of the home theater system is immediately felt, and that is the ability to enjoy a film in the intimacy of your own home.  You can view the movies you want to watch whenever you want, from the comfort of your sofa or armchair, with or without guests. You control the lighting, the brightness, the sound level, and can pause when necessary. Finally, you have access to your own kitchen, which makes for great savings, and healthier eating.

Get a Home Theater System from Chesapeake Systems Service

Contact Chesapeake System Services, we’re ready to provide quality customer service home theater equipment and installation in Maryland.

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