Popular Home Automation Features for Smart Homes

home automation featuresYour significant other or child may not always do whatever you tell them, but it’s comforting to know that your house will these days! Smart homes and home automation systems have been gaining in popularity for quite a while now. In fact, they’re even at the point where big names (like Lowe’s) are starting to take polls to find out more about what people really want to see in their smart homes. Since home automation can be applied to nearly anything these days (think lighting, appliances, home entertainment), everyone wants a piece of it. But what does everyone want most? That’s what a study set to find out recently. We’ve got some of the results for you!

Top Home Automation Features

  • Security features – 62% of Americans believe that home security features are the most important and necessary features for home automation systems. Automated security systems are great because they allow you to see what’s going on in your home at all times. You can be alerted if someone opens a door or a window in your home directly on your smart phone or computer. It can help keep those who shouldn’t be in your home out, and those who are supposed to stay in your home in.
  • Energy savings – About 40% of people think that energy savings are a good reason to have a home automation system installed. Smart thermostat systems like Nest and Honeywell are gaining popularity because they can help people save money on air conditioning and heating bills, though how people use these systems affects their usefulness (for more on this, check out this blog).
  • Convenience – 35% of people surveyed believed that a home automation system would make taking care of their home more convenient. With the ability to control security, entertainment, and more from a remote location, home automation certainly makes taking control of your home much easier. Having control from anywhere allows people to take advantage of more energy savings and ensure that their home is safe at all times. It’s a great feeling to know that you have complete control over your home at any time, from anywhere.

Home Automation Systems in Maryland

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