Professional Security Monitoring Cuts Down on False Alarms

professional home security monitoring systemAs the technology becomes more affordable and readily available home alarm systems have become increasingly common. However, it was only relatively recently that a trend of do it yourself (DIY) alarm systems has come about.  These alarm systems are not monitored directly by a professional security company, but instead, send alerts directly to you or the police station. The problem with these DIY alarms is that they’ve led to an increased incidence of false alarm emergency police calls.

The Problems with False Alarms

False alarms create a myriad of problems for police forces responding to them and the residents whose house it is.The first problem a false alarm causes is that police waste time responding to a false alarm which might draw their attention away from other important matters. Unless someone a home owner is home to confirm that the alarm was false, police have to search the property to make sure it wasn’t broken into. This ends up being a waste of time and department resources. When false alarms become excessive police response times to reports from security alarms become slower. Like the villagers responding to the boy who cried wolf police stop believing that alarm calls are legitimate home invasions. Unfortunately, this means that police may arrive late in the event of a real one, or unprepared and with a false sense of security when they encounter an armed intruder. For all of these reasons police departments have had to develop policies to deal with alarm calls.

Police Response to False Alarms

In 2012 the Toronto police department received 20,000 calls from private alarm calls, and only 300 of them turned out to be legitimate.  With the number of false alarm calls reaching a critical point that it hurts the police departments ability to respond to legitimate calls, many cities are adopting an approach of requiring alarm verification. That means that they require a witness, or video, as from a home security camera, or from a security alarm firm that is monitoring a break in. Before the city of Milwaukee Wisconsin adopted this policy they received 27,000 burglar alarm calls. In 2012, after the policy was enacted, they received just 617. Elsewhere, police forces have adopted a policy of heavily fining for false alarm calls. The policies of requiring verification and heavy fining have led to a dramatic reduction in false alarm calls in those cities that implement them, however this might make a private DIY alarm next to useless for your home.

How Licensed Security Monitoring Helps

Private DIY alarm systems can alert the police or you in the event of a break in at your house, but if you lie in a city that requires verification, that call means next to nothing. Sure, some do it yourself systems can be hooked up to security cameras to send video to your smart phone, but in the instances when you’re really going to need it, like when someone breaks into your home while you’re at the movie theater with your phone off, or away on vacation in a foreign country, you’re not going to be able to get streaming data on your phone, or be able to reach your local police department. A licensed and professionally monitored home security system however, will be able to verify that the alarm is real by calling you to verify that no one in your family accidentally set off the alarm, before sending police to respond. Because professional monitored security alarm firms work closely with police and are often in contact with them, their calls are typically seen as legitimate and responded to quickly.  In fact, many counties in Maryland require your alarm to be registered with a licensed company for police to be contacted through it. On top of that, using a security service means your alarm system is installed by licensed technicians. Better yet, if your alarm system starts to report false alarms your licensed provider can send another technician to fix the problem.

Get a Security Alarm System For Your Home

If you want to secure your home and valuables against the threat of burglary and theft then you may want to consider purchasing a Maryland home security system, video surveillance accessible from your phone, window and door alarms, and a 24-hour home monitoring service. Fortunately Chesapeake Systems Service Inc. is here and can supply you with all these services and many more, with quality customer service and care.

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