Retail Intelligence – Improving Sales Through CCTV Systems

CCTV systems have so many more uses than just surveillance, especially in the retail industry. Did you know that these “security” systems can also be utilized for marketing and sales purposes, as well? Below you will find out how these retail stores do it.


Monitoring Foot Traffic: This is an important statistic to keep track of for business owners and managers. This is also an area in which CCTV can help. Cameras can map store traffic and show patterns of movement. This can help managers better plan store layouts to maximize sales.


Counting People: CCTV systems are able to alert business owners of decreased visitor density, which is never good. But this knowledge allows the proper people to take the necessary steps to rectify the situation.


Pinpointing Desirable Location: Which areas draw the most attention? This information can be utilized in several ways, from evaluating the impact of decorations to analyzing the effectiveness of advertisements.


Revealing the Hold Factor: This is the ability of merchandise to make a customer stay. This allows managers to identify areas where advertisements may have the most impact.


Evaluating Stock Levels: Are you running low on a certain product? Are your shelves beginning to look bare? CCTV systems can help you monitor stock levels without having to walk up and down every aisle. This is especially helpful in large stores.


Improving Customer Service: Increasing employees during busy times of the day can really help decrease long checkout lines and improve customer service. CCTV systems can help you determine when these busy times of the day are.
So why aren’t you utilizing a CCTV system to better your business?


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Retail Intelligence – Improving Sales Through CCTV Systems 

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