Save Money By better Understanding Your Thermostat

thermostatEach winter, around the county, millions of homeowners attempt to save money by lowering their thermostats strategically, and with good reason.The Department of Energy reports that “you can save 5 percent to 15 percent a year on your heating bill — a savings of as much as 1 percent for each degree if the setback period is eight hours long.” Many Maryland homeowners and those around the country try to take this advice to heart by purchasing a programmable thermostat, which can limit their energy expenses even more, so energy savings around the country should be going up, right?

Wrong. Despite the availability and efficiency of the technology, Americans have been slow to adopt it, and when they do, 53% of them never even use the programmable mode, making their purchase almost worthless. But why? Chesapeake System Services, your programmable thermostat provider, is here with potential answers.

Ease of Use Problems

Ergonomic studies have found that with difficult to use programmable thermostats at least half of the people observed were unable to even figure out how to put the device in heat mode, let alone program specific functions. Programming and thermostat lingo has proven to be a high entry barrier, confusing consumers out of energy efficiency.

No Choice in the Matter

The vast majority of Maryland  homeowners simply didn’t choose their thermostat, it was left in the house like an unwanted sofa by the previous owner. Without available information, many people just don’t know how to use their regular or programmable thermostat. In an older houses, the thermostat may have it located in an area that’s too inconvenient to access regularly, produces irregular temperatures, or makes reading the display difficult.

Myths and Monsters

A great deal of inefficient thermostat use arises from the sheer number of myths and pervasive misconceptions about how they work. Many people don’t lower their thermostats at night or when they go out because of the false belief that it takes more energy to heat up your home than to keep it warm.

The Future

So how do we address these problems? Chesapeake System Services has embraced programmable thermostats that offer easy to use interfaces that adapt to your lifestyle to save you energy. Our  programmable thermostats interface with mobile applications  and other devices like those provided by control 4 to Elan g! Home automation solutions with intuitive interfaces that can be managed from your smartphone. They can even track your proximity to your home so that the heat kicks on when you’re within a specific radius. And that’s only the tip of this very warm iceberg.

At Chesapeake System Services we believe in offering to quality, affordable, and understandable programmable thermostats and home automation technologies to make your life easier, more secure, and more energy efficient.

You can contact Chesapeake Systems Service, Inc. by calling 800-205-4909 or click here today for a free estimate! Bringing you the best in programmable thermostats would be our pleasure!

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