Sculptured House gets a Futuristic Home Automation Makeover with Elan g!

The famous Sculptured House, located above Highway 70 west of Denver, Colorado,  made its debut in the Woody Allen comedy Sleeper. The house has also been featured on MTV’s Extreme Cribs, HGTV’s Home Strange Home, and the March 2003 issue of Electronic House. And recently, the futuristic-styled home has been given an interior Star Trek-themed makeover that included the installation of a new Elan g! home control system, which system controls everything from heat and air conditioning to lights, whole home audio and video, window shades, the roof’s snow melters, security and surveillance systems, and so much more!


Now, the home’s interior matches its futuristic exterior.



“When I first purchased the house I had Excel Energy come out to do a heat and air flow analysis, and it turned out that the home lost 62 percent of its energy every hour,” said Larry Winkler, who bought the home in 2010. “That’s more than double what the average house loses, so I replaced doors and installed electrically-heated windows, added insulation and installed new highly efficient heating and cooling units to make the house much more eco-friendly.”


Benefits of ELAN g!


  • Elan g! has a sleek, industrial design
  • The interface is easy-to-use
  • The system’s energy management feature makes your home more energy efficient
  • You can control and schedule your home’s lighting and heating
  • Receive email alert notifications
  • Elan g! is scalable and can grow to fit  your increasing needs
  • The g!Mobile app allows users to remotely control their system.
  • Homeowners can set up individual apps for each subsystem, allowing them to control security, climate, lighting, media, irrigation, pool/spa, messaging, video and photos independently.


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Source: Famous Futuristic Home Gets High-Tech Makeover



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