Security News: The Future of Home Monitoring Systems

Home monitoring and automation. It is a thing of the future, right? Well, not quite. The technology is not only here now, but it is also readily available and incredibly affordable. And according to, home monitoring and automation systems are quickly becoming mainstream.


This growth is due in large part to the now widespread use of smartphones. In fact, according to an spokesperson, people use their smartphones 80% of the time when remotely controlling and monitoring their homes. And this number is only expected to keep increasing.


Benefits of Home Automation Systems


1. Control your home’s lights

2. Remotely adjust your home’s thermostat

3. Lock and unlock your doors

4. Open and close your garage door

5. Arm and disarm your security system

6. Watch live video feeds

7. And so much more!


“In the past, [security] was really a passive system, just waiting for something to happen. But now that you get all this active information out of it, there’s value every day,” said Jay Kenny, vice president of


Home Monitoring Systems from Chesapeake Systems Services, Inc.


Monitor and control your home security system from anywhere with a 100% wireless home monitoring and security system from CSS. You will know when your child arrives home from school. You will be alerted when your elderly father is moving about the house. You will even be able to arm and disarm the system, control your lights and thermostat, program user codes, and so much more from anywhere in the world. That’s total control!


Home monitoring systems from CSS are a great solution for any home!


If you have any questions about Home Monitoring Systems, or wish to set up a consultation with one of our security experts, please contact Chesapeake Systems Services, Inc. – an authorized dealer – by calling 800-205-4909 or click here today!


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