Smart Doorbells For This Holiday Season

Smart Doorbells For This Holiday Season

Make sure your deliveries are safe this holiday season with a smart doorbell.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! That’s right, it’s officially holiday season, and with that comes an abundance of gifts. While many will do their shopping in person, or in the few malls that are left, a significant portion of people will also do their shopping online. It’s hard not to, right? The ease of simply purchasing a gift from your phone or tablet can’t be beat. There is one issue though, and that’s the delivery process. Online deliveries are notorious for being stolen off the front porch. Luckily, there’s a solution, and it’s the smart doorbell.

What Are The Advantages Of A Smart Doorbell?

The smart doorbell has multiple capabilities to protect families against theft. When considering this product, you have to use your imagination and put yourself in a scenario where it could be useful. Perhaps you’re at work and a delivery man drops off a package, or maybe you’ve taken a small vacation while the gift comes. There are plenty of scenarios where you’re not at home when the gift comes. The reality is that you’re not fully protected if you don’t have it. The smart doorbell gives you eyes on your front door, no matter where you’re located. The Skybell Trim Plus offers HD video equipped with full-color night vision.

Preventing Theft?

The biggest worry during the holiday season is having your delivered packages stolen, but the smart doorbell takes away that worry and then some. You have full access, not only visually but with your voice as well. If a stranger knocks or rings the doorbell, you can communicate to them through the smart device, even if you’re not actually at the house. It’s the difference between a potential intruder breaking in after not receiving an answer versus them thinking you’re home.

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