Smart Technology Isn’t Just for Houses Anymore



Smart technology is useful for all sorts of situations.

So, you’ve heard of the smart house and about all the amazing features that you can get out of it. Now, what if you could add those features somewhere else, like a restaurant? Well, the people at Juniper & Ivy in San Diego are doing just that. Their restaurant has state of the art technology that completely changes the way their customers experience their dinner. So, are you ready to hear more about it? Let’s do this.

Keeping the customer happy is a snap.

According to the staff, having an entirely automated system for their restaurant makes doing their jobs a lot more pleasant. They can easily adjust the temperature, lights, and music from wherever rather than having run back and forth. Not only that, but this unique set up allows for 11 different audio zones and 10 different climate zones. Keeping the customer comfortable has really never been easier and more customizable.

Private parties can get exactly what they want.

When customers book a private party they can select the music and temperature to fit their exact needs. A quality dining experience comes from a great many angles and food is only one of them. The right atmosphere is often just as important, and smart technology is going to help create one. Even the outdoor areas can be manipulated to create the perfect place to enjoy a meal. The reviews for this place are exceptional too. Juniper & Ivy was rated San Diego’s best restaurant for 2014.

So, do you think your restaurant or business can benefit from smart technology?

Investing in a Smart House can provide you with both state of the art fire protection and home security essentials.

If you think you might be ready to investigate into Smart House technology, then give us a shout. We can help you get thinking.

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