A Smart Thermostat’s Benefits Rely on You

thermostat optimizationHome automation and smart devices are gaining a lot of traction, not only for their ease of use and convenience, but also for their ability to save people money in energy bills. Smart thermostats have been around for a while now. Most people have, at the very least, programmable thermostats in their homes today. A smaller demographic has begun to install smart thermostats that work with Wi-Fi connections, such as Nest and Honeywell. The big question that people have been asking is this: are the energy savings that you get with a smart, programmable thermostat worth the cost of the device? Studies have found that, more than anything, your savings rely on your home and how you use the thermostat.

How to Get The Most Out of Your Smart Thermostat

First thing’s first, you have to diligently use your smart thermostat to get something out of it. Some thermostats, like the Nest thermostat, not only learns your habits, but can also sense when you’re out of the house. It takes a lot of the guesswork out of using a smart thermostat. Others require you to set them to program them for when you are and are not home. The following are some tips to save the most using your smart thermostat.

  • Proper Insulation – If your home isn’t properly insulated, it’s not going to retain heat or air the way it’s supposed to anyway. Make sure that your home has enough insulation and that it’s up to date. Old insulation can deteriorate and become obsolete. You should also check window and door frames for cracks and drafts.
  • Set Your Thermostat Properly – It’s easy to accidentally set your thermostat for AM instead of PM and then wonder why your home suddenly gets cooler at 4 in the morning. Check your thermostat to make sure that you’re setting the times properly and that the clock on your thermostat is set to the right time.
  • Use Your Wi-Fi Settings – If you have wi-fi settings, why not use them? Too often people buy the product and then don’t regularly use it. If you realize that you’ve forgotten to change your thermostat when you leave the house, take advantage of your mobile app. It’ll allow you to save the money and possibly even have the thermostat pay for itself within a year or two.

When properly used, a smart thermostat can save you up to 1% for every 1 degree you change the temperature towards the temperature outdoors – think about how much money that could save you over time, especially if you usually have a high energy bill. Using the device properly and making sure that your home is insulated can save you hundreds of dollars and justify the purchase of a smart thermostat. Interested in purchasing a smart thermostat or other home automation product? Please contact Chesapeake Systems Service, Inc. by calling 800-205-4909 or click here today for a free estimate! Bringing you the best in ambient comfort would be our pleasure! You can follow CSS Inc.on Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn,Google+ and Twitter as well!

Source: Money.MSN

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