The Sonos Sub, an Audiophiles Dream

If you’re the type of person who enjoys listening to your music the way it was intended to be heard, you can’t be satisfied with just any music player. Fortunately, there is a subwoofer on the market that is every audiophiles dream. In the Wi-Fi music streaming business, Sonos has come up with the best product for listening to music.abstract musical background

The Sonos Sub comes with two Class-D amplifiers and a deep bass.  It hooks into your Wi-Fi via an Ethernet port and then connects to your phone, tablet, computer, or other Sonos device for a wonderful listening experience.

When deciding where to place your Sonos Sub, it is important to place it on the floor either vertically or horizontally for the best sound.  Leave the box uncovered so any heat from the Sonos Sub can dissipate.

For a rich, deep sound, the way the music was intended to be heard, look no further than the Sonos Sub. Artists and producers spend so much time perfecting the sounds in their music, don’t waste your time listening on a subpar device. Really enjoy your favorite tunes, like the people behind the music intended for you to do.

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