The Sonos Super Bowl Commercial That Stood Out From the Rest

On Sunday, we saw many different commercials. Some were funny, others were heartwarming and some were perfectly executed.  Showing you that a product that is great can stand on its own and doesn’t need half-naked girls or a celebrity endorsement, or even narration for that matter. So which company showed that on Sunday? Sonos did with their wireless HiFi music system for your home. The commercial was simple and elegant showing a man using only his wireless device, control the music in every room.Couple Dancing Together at Home

While there is no narration in the commercial, the message still comes through loud and clear. If you want total control over the music in your home, Sonos is the way to go. The Sonos commercial also received many positive reactions on twitter about people wanting to purchase the music player.

Below are a few of the features of a Sonos PLAYBAR.

  1. The PLAYBAR can be controlled using your regular TV remote.
  2. The speakers can be laid flat or hung on a wall. A built-in orientation sensor changes the system to accommodate the speaker position.
  3. There is only one audio connection.
  4. If you have additional Sonos products, you can direct the television’s audio to other Sonos components in your home.
  5. If you turn on the television, the PLAYBAR automatically switches to TV audio.
  6. The smartphone app is also pretty impressive, enhancing the functionality of your PLAYBAR!
  7. The PLAYBAR is extremely easy to use and provides unsurpassed sound quality.
  8. The PLAYBAR can be controlled entirely on your phone or tablet

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