Survey Shows Increased Interest in Smart Homes

smart homeThe idea of a “smart home,” a house that can be entirely automated and controlled from a smartphone or tablet once seemed to belong entirely to the realm of science fiction. A few years ago, home automation was little more than a fanciful pipe dream but with the recent leaps forward in home and smartphone technology have made it not only possible, but affordable, and Americans are catching onto the idea. Chesapeake System Services is here with the scoop on a recent survey conducted by Lowes on smart homes, and what its results mean.

The Survey

Overall, the survey conducted by the hardware giant showed that 70% of smartphone owners would like to be able to control their home from a mobile device. The survey also accounted for people’s attitudes towards individual aspects of home automation and personal experiences with the smart homes. Around 62% of those surveyed believed that home automation would be an effective way of monitoring and managing home security.

The survey also asked participants what they felt the most important part of purchasing smart home equipment was. As far as buying home automation equipment and smart home services goes, 26% of the survey sample said the overall cost of equipment was very important and 31% said they feel the same about monthly fees. 13% said the ease of use was most important to them while 11% were exclusively concerned about security benefits.

Smart Home Benefits

In addition to allowing you the ability to control your home’s lighting, HVAC, dishwasher, laundry, and television systems remotely, a smart home allows you to keep an eye on your home security systems on the go, giving you the freedom to manage your home’s safety no matter where you are. Smart Home equipment also allows for extensive home automation, providing you with the ability to program your house to automatically respond to your needs and daily routine. Have the doors automatically unlock when the kids get home from school, start heating up the living room before you’re home, or monitor a sleeping infant with a tap on your smartphone.

Equipping a your home with smart phone and home automation technology allows you to save money via energy efficiency, easily control every facet of your home at once from the palm of your hand, and feel more secure than ever with total security control no matter where you are.

Interested in Turning Your House into a Smart Home?

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