Swipe Your Way Into Security With Electronic Access

electronic card system

With a card system, it’s easy to find out when your employees are entering the building.

If you’re worried about a key being duplicated, it can be daunting to start handing out keys to employees.  Everyone is going to want one, and you may not feel secure in running off a lock and key system.  This is understandable–it can be difficult to keep your building and business safe when locks can be picked and keys can be copied.  But there is a solution!  CSS offers the installation of an electronic card access system for your business.  Read on to see why an electronic card system would keep your business secure.

Cost Effective


A locksmith can run up your pricing if you have a large business.  If one person loses their key, that means the entire lock system of your building needs to be redone.  And if that happens multiple times, you’ll be spending a lot of money that you might not have.  But electronic card systems mitigate this problem.  While the initial cost of installation may be more expensive, you won’t have to replace the system every time a card goes missing.  Instead, you can simply deactivate the card and give the employee a new one.  Simple, cheap and worthwhile.


Card Tracking


With a card system, it’s easy to find out when your employees are entering the building.  It can also be used to login visitors.  At the front desk, you may decide to implement a temporary card to someone staying for a short period of time.  This leaves your business accessible, but safe once that person leaves as you deactivate the card.




You can’t pick an electronic lock.  And likewise, you can’t really hack into one, either.  There’s usually a single scanner on the front of card readers that is meant for a specific kind of card.  You can also program the locks to automatically secure the building at the end of the work day.  If someone forgets to set the alarm, it’s no problem!  Your card system can do it for you.


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