Tech Opportunities for the Elderly

When it comes to technology, the elderly are usually left behind in the dust. They grew up in a different time and had to adapt late in their lives to technology. Things like apps, smartphones and social networking are all foreign to them.90 year old lady at home

However at the Consumer and Electronics Show (CES) all of that changed. Many tech companies showcased their innovative technologies and that included ones for senior care. Technology for seniors is a great way to keep the elderly safe.

Some of the great technology advancements for the elderly include devices that will track your vitals and other important health information and stream it directly to your doctor.

There are also home automation opportunities available for senior citizens. has released a new product that bridges smart devices and healthcare in your home.

This wellness service is designed to give the elderly living with diseases and disabilities a greater sense of freedom.  Sensors are installed throughout the senior’s home in various different rooms to give caregivers a better insight to their customer’s health habits.

The benefits of these sensors is that it reports any irregularities to the caregivers. Irregularities include extended periods of inactivity or if the individual is away from their bed for an extended period of time.

If irregular activity is suspected, an emergency response team is sent to check out the situation.

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