The Benefits of a Keyless Smart Lock For Your Home

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Looking to amp up your security? Try a smart lock!

Tired of losing your house keys? It’s time to consider investing in a smart lock for your home! A smart lock does not utilize a traditional key. Instead, it attaches to the inside of your door and features easy to use controls on the outside of your door for locking and unlocking. Let’s discuss the benefits of a smart lock.

Increased Security

Smart locks come with several customizable features for heightened security, and many are compatible with home automation systems. When paired, a smart lock and home automation system provide the utmost security for your home – as well as some serious perks. For example, you can initiate a chain reaction automating your smart thermostat to rise upon an alert that the smart lock being unlocked. You can also sync specific lights to turn off or on upon locking or unlocking. Talk about convenience!

User Friendly Features

Smart locks are very user friendly. Their menus are available in different languages and offer you feedback as you familiarize yourself with use. A smart lock usually comes with a touch screen that makes it simple for you to enter your access code. You can also install specific access codes for other people that you trust to enter your home. This means you can implement a designated code for your babysitter, contractor, or even specific children.

You can easily find out the exact code used to enter your home at the exact time. With this feature, it would be a lot harder for your teenager to potentially sneak out or lie about whether they were home by curfew! This feature is not available on all smart locks, so if you want it be sure to choose carefully.


Investing in a smart lock or home automation system can provide you with both state-of-the-art protection and home security essentials. If you think you might be ready to investigate in residential security technology, then give us a shout. Chesapeake Systems Service, Inc. is a proud authorized Security Dealer. We can help you get thinking. Please contact Chesapeake Systems Service, Inc. by calling 800-205-4909 or click here today for a free estimate! Bringing you the best Maryland security system available would be our pleasure!

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