The Benefits of Automated Lighting for Your Home

Automated lighting is an overlooked feature for smart homes, but can really be beneficial!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating your smart home. You can invest in an interactive security system, a home theater, or even a full house audio system. A great overlooked feature for your smart home is an automated lighting which can really make your everyday routine easier. Here are the benefits of automated lighting for your home.


One of the worst feelings is realizing you didn’t turn your lights off after getting comfortable in your bed. With automated lighting, you no longer have to get out of bed to turn your lights off. You can sync your home lighting to your phone and have it turn off with just the press of a button. You can even set the scene, setting your lights to automatically turn off at a certain time every day.

Home Security

If you are away on vacation, automated lighting can help to keep your home safe from potential intruders. You can set them so that they turn on and off a certain time, giving outsiders the impression that someone is home. This will deter people from trying to break into your home when you aren’t there.

Saves Money

It can be easy to forget to turn a light off when you leave a room. This can really start to add up when it’s time to pay those electricity bills. An automated lighting system has the option to sensor when people are in a room. That means when you leave a room, the lights can turn off automatically. Even if you don’t have a sensor, you can control your lighting from your phone even when you aren’t home.

Mood Changes

Lighting can help to set the mood throughout the day. If you have your automated lighting set to adjust throughout the day, it can help to wake you up and relax you as needed. Set your lighting to gradually dim throughout the evening to merge you into a nice sleep. In the morning, your lights can gradually get brighter to help get your day started.

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