The Benefits of Having an Automated Home



In this episode of Designing Spaces, correspondent Art Edmonds visits an automated home with Kirk MacDowell, an expert on residential security systems. But what exactly is an automated home…


Well, advancements in technology have allowed homeowners to automate many aspects of their home, from comfort to security, and everything in between. While this “house of the future” may look ordinary on the outside, it is what’s on the inside that really counts.


The security features of this home include:


•           The doors and windows are tied into the central unit.


•           Night vision security cameras at the front and rear of the home.


•           Security beams that sense body heat and movement. So even if you get past the cameras and window/door sensors, you still have to deal with these beams. And don’t worry about your dog or cat tripping these alarms. The beams can be set to trigger an alarm only if an intruder over a certain weight (say larger than a dog) enters your home.


•           Smoke detectors. In the case of a fire, they will emit a loud siren to warn you of the pending danger. These smoke detectors then send a message to the central monitoring station, which alerts the fire department. Perhaps even more remarkable, these smoke detectors will actually alert your central monitoring station and call you 14 days before your battery will die. Now that’s a smart house.


•           The house can also track who enters your home and how many times they enter and exit your home in a single visit. Each resident or guest (in this video they used the dog sitter as an example) is given a specific code. The house can then track that particular individuals movement and store the data.


•           This sophisticated system can even control the thermostat, lights, and basically anything else you can think of.


•           Everything can be controlled using a computer, tablet, or even a smart phone. So you can tap into your system even when you are away from the house.



The house of the future is available today!


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