The Benefits of Smart Security Systems

As security technology and communication technology both evolve, it only made sense for the two industries to meld. The result: smart security systems. Now, not only can you view and arm your security system using your smartphone, but you can also control the temperature of your home, lock and unlock your front door, and so much more!


The Benefits of smart Security Systems


  1. Improve Energy Efficiency: Believe it or not, your smart security system will allow you to improve the energy efficiency of your home, thus saving you money on your monthly utility bills. You will be able to control the thermostat and lights via your smartphone.
  2. Homeowners Insurance Savings: Many insurance agencies offer discounts for homeowners who install a security system. And these savings could increase to as much as 20% if you install a sophisticated system capable of alerting police, fire, and other first responders of potential dangers.
  3. Keep track of your Children: Now, you will know the whereabouts of your children whether you are out shopping or stuck at work. These smart security systems can be programmed to send a text message or email alert with a video attachment when your child arrives home.
  4. Lock & Unlock Doors Remotely: Oh no, did you forget to lock your door? Don’t turn around and drive all the way home. Lock your door using your smart phone!
  5. And So Much More!


Chesapeake Systems Services (CSS): Residential Interactive Security


Do you want the ability to both monitor and control your home security system from anywhere in the world? This is possible with a 100% wireless home monitoring and security system from CSS. View system status, monitor sensor activity at your property, arm and disarm the system, set up user codes and even control your lights, all from one user-friendly web interface.


If you have any questions about Smart Security Systems, or wish to set up a consultation with one of our security experts, please contact Chesapeake Systems Services, Inc. – an authorized dealer – by calling 800-205-4909 or click here today!


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