The Differences Between Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

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Unfortunately, carbon monoxide detectors are not something as widely-used as smoke detectors. Both are necessary for living in a happy, healthy home.

Unfortunately, carbon monoxide detectors are not something as widely-used as smoke detectors.  Both are necessary for living in a happy, healthy home…and both could save your life.  However, people don’t often see the need for a carbon monoxide detector, and might not understand how they work.  It’s just as important to invest in both safety measures, because they both do completely separate things.  To learn more about the difference between smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, read on.

What is a Carbon Monoxide Detector?


Carbon monoxide, or CO, is frequently known as the silent killer.  This is because CO is odorless, tasteless, and completely invisible to the human eye.  It is quite literally impossible to know whether or not there is an excess of CO in your home without a detector.  CO poisoning is also one of the deadliest.  Even if it isn’t fatal, an excess of CO can cause severe breathing problems.  A carbon monoxide detector is the only way to protect your family from CO in a reliable way.  They should be installed where they can be heard throughout the house, and closer to sleeping areas is best.  A carbon monoxide detector can save lives.


What is a Smoke Detector?


Of course, it’s familiar to have a smoke detector in your home.  Some people don’t always care for them properly, and get frustrated when they malfunction, enough to take them apart.  However, a smoke detector is always necessary.  There are two main types of smoke detectors: ionised, and optical.  Optical detectors are better at differentiating real dangers, like smoke from a larger kitchen fire, from burnt food or candle flames.  Many believe that they won’t need a detector for fire, as they can see and smell smoke.  However, it’s important to have these stationed all over the house for your safety.  The smoke may not waft its way over to you from the kitchen right away, meaning it could be burning the precious time you have to act quickly.


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