Townhomes in Bethesda Integrated with Smart Home System from CSS

smart homeWe’re proud to announce that the Little Falls Place townhome community in Bethesda is a fully integrated smart home community and we got to play an integral role. All of the homes were fitted with Elan g! systems, which are going to give the new owners of the townhomes the ability to control certain aspects of their homes from anywhere. They’ll be able to control audio and video from different rooms (especially useful with Sonos), lighting, blinds, surveillance cameras, door locks, the security system, and even a home theatre if it’s incorporated into the home.

Our own Jack Rainey stated, “Today’s buyers expect to have instant access to control their home’s systems, just like they have instant access to their smartphone apps for business and leisure.” And he’s definitely not wrong. More and more people are either looking for homes that already have smart home systems incorporated or homes that make it easy to incorporate the systems. Most people like to have control of what’s going on and find it convenient and reassuring to know that it’s possible to turn off lights and control temperature from miles away – especially those who frequently travel for work or pleasure.

Though the homes come with the base Elan g! systems, it’s still possible for home buyers to upgrade for even more features. “Several buyers have already expressed interest in expanding their systems to include the control of lighting, audio, video, and window shades. . .we’re hard at work building the community’s model unit, which will include a fully integrated system that has rooftop TVs, music in every room, iPads mounted in the wall for control, surveillance cameras, and electronic door locks,” stated Jack. We’re sure that the more people know about their smart home options, the more likely they are to upgrade. Interest should increase even more after prospective buyers see the simplicity and ease of living in a unit like the model unit. We’re very excited to be participating in this project and hope to do more like it in the future – it’s a great opportunity for us as well as for prospective home buyers. We’re helping to set the smart home standard that every new homebuyer deserves.

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Source: Techome Builder

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