Upgrade to the Newest Sonos Software Today

Sonos keeps getting better and better, in the latest free software update, Sonos software has been updated to version 4.2. With this update, the Sonos controllers have been boosted with the following improvements:

One button to control the music

  • With the all new software update, the mute button now also functions as a play/pause button so you can easily start and stop the music without a controller.
  • Pressing the mute button on a Sonos speaker can now pause the audio in a room. When the music is resumed, it will pick up from where you left off unless a new music source is selected.
  • Double tapping  the mute button will skip to the next track you have queued up.

Enjoy your Sonos speaker everywhere

  • Whenever you have access to a Sonos speaker, you can connect via the settings menu and gain access to your music library.

Share with Facebook or Twitter

  • From the Sonos controller for iPhone or iPad, you can connect to Facebook or Twitter and share what you are listening to.

Other improvements in Sonos version 4.2

  • Artist name now appears under the track
  • Artwork is displayed on Pandora radio stations

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