Using Home Automation to Save Money On My Heating & Cooling System

The winter this year was particularly cold (and unfortunately, it’s not over yet with low temperatures again today!) But, there are ways to prevent you from paying an arm and a leg to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.  Fortunately, there is a way to keep your home at a comfortable temperature and save money.Modern electronic thermostat has an app that uses your location in conjunction with a smart thermostat to help increase your savings. When you (and your smartphone) leave your home, your thermostat automatically adjusts the temperature to use less energy. When you arrive home, the thermostat will automatically readjust to make your home a comfortable temperature.’s geolocation features works with multiple smartphones to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, regardless of who is going to be home.

Another great benefit to home automation, if you forget to set an alarm or turn off the lights, your home will send your phone a reminder as you drive away.

Using a home automation system to help regulate your heating costs has long term benefits on your wallet. Think of all of the money you could be saving by having your thermostat automatically turned down next time you’re out of the house.

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