Valentine’s Day Fire Safety Tips (Read Before Things Heat Up)

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This Valentine’s Day, whether you are planning to light a candle for your sweetheart or burn all of your ex’s photos – it is important to practice these fire safety tips!

Valentine’s Day is this Sunday, February 14th. As the weekend approaches, many people are scrambling to figure out how to properly celebrate the romantic holiday. For some people, Valentine’s Day means relaxing, enjoying dinner and eating chocolates with the one you love most. For others, it is a good excuse to get together with a group of your friends and dish about the single life. But whether you are planning to light a candle for your sweetheart or burn all of your ex’s photos, it is important to practice these fire safety tips! Let Chesapeake Systems Service, Inc. elaborate.

Household Candle Safety

Did you know that the fire departments in the United States respond to thousands of home structure fires that are started by candles each year? These fires cause death, injury and millions of dollars in property damage. Not to mention, roughly one third of these fires start from candles in the bedroom. We know things heat up on Valentine’s Day, but follow these tips to make sure a fire hazard isn’t in the works:

  • Battery-Operated Candles: Battery-operated candles can create the perfect dim lighting, without the hazard of a flame. There are models that are made to look, smell and feel like real candles – without the burning wax!
  • Candle Holders: If you are using real candles, make sure they are in sturdy, designated candle holders made of metal, glass or ceramic.
  • Candle Placement: Keep candles away from combustible materials and 12 inches away from anything that could burn if the candle tipped over . Place the candles in an area where they cannot be easily pumped, knocked down or accessed by children or pets. Avoid using candles in the bedroom and carpeted areas.
  • Oxygen Tanks: Never use a candle is oxygen tanks are being used in the home.
  • Blow Out The Flame: While we hope that he flame of your love burns for eternity, some flames just aren’t meant to last forever. Blow out your candles before you go to sleep or leave your home! Tip: If you or your valentine begin to become intoxicated, blow your candles out immediately to avoid forgetting or further damage.


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