What You Need to Know About the Sonos Play:1

Wireless technology has been around for a while now, but it is still being refined and changed on a regular basis. Since it’s becoming more standardized, it is also becoming less expensive and more easily available to everyone. Sonos recently released the Sonos Play:1 for a better price than their previous entry system, while still giving you the same great experience that you’ve come to expect from Sonos.

With the Sonos Play:1, you can now connect your wireless speakers through your Wi-Fi and control the speakers using your phone or tablet with a Sonos app. You can access your speaker system from anywhere in the house this way, and you can also easily move the speakers around to get maximum sound performance wherever you need it (providing you have a power source. It still needs to be plugged in to the wall).

The Sonos Play:1 is also aesthetically pleasing. Depending on the room you need it for, the speaker comes in both black and white. It is only four pounds, making it easy to move, but manages to be an attractive addition to whatever room you choose to put it in. The sound quality is good, and even better when paired with a second Sonos Play:1 speaker to get stereo sound. These speakers play at a pretty good volume, but only have a mid-woofer and Class-D amplifiers, so they’re not going to get loud enough to explode your eardrums.

If you’re looking to update your wireless technology or get started with a Sonos system, now is the time. This is the least amount of money that Sonos has charged for a starter system. It makes a great holiday gift, or even a great gift to give yourself!

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Source: http://geekdad.com/2013/11/sonos-play1/

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