Why It's Important to Test Your Alarm System

alarm testing

Just like a smoke alarm, it’s important to conduct frequent testing of your alarm system to ensure it’s operating properly.

Your alarm system is what keeps you safe.  And you installed it for a reason–you want to protect your family and your home from invaders.  An alarm system is useless if it malfunctions or misfires.  Just like a smoke alarm, it’s important to conduct frequent testing of your alarm system to ensure it’s operating properly.  But why?  How often?  And how can you make sure your alarm is working properly?  Make sure you’re resting well, knowing that your system is functional.



Your alarm could stop working for a lot of different reasons, but some of them may be undetectable to you until you check.  It could be something as simple as a power outage damaging some of the electrical work.  Other times, you could switch phone providers and forget to tell your alarm company, so you won’t be able to disable the alarm or call for help when necessary.  However, it could be something more serious–if a nefarious plumber decides to disable the alarm intentionally so he can break in down the road, you might not know until you check your alarm system.


How often?


We at CSS recommend you check your alarm system every three months, at least.  With the alarm system we install, you can call the Central Station at 1-800-356-2222 to alert them of your testing.  This way, there won’t be any false alarms.  To test, trigger an alarm.  After 45 full seconds of the alarm going off, disable it and call Central Station once more.  Verify that they have received your signal.  If not, get a professional out to check that system.  Every alarm provider should have a proper way of testing, so be sure to check with them to check on the specific procedures.  


So, you should be checking your alarm on regular checkup times, but also for other instances, as well.  Check it every time there’s a power outage or a brown out.  Other times include after anyone has done work inside your home, or if you’ve done construction.  Check your alarm, also, if you’ve changed phone providers.  Essentially, if there are any changes to your home or network, it may be safe to give a quick test.


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