Will a Home Theater Increase My Maryland Home’s Value?

home theaterBuilding a home theater provides you, your family, and friends with the incomparable luxury or being able to recreate the movie going experience in the comfort and convenience of your Maryland home. However, it can seem like a steep investment at first, and while home theater construction has always been touted as a great way to increase your home’s value, it can be hard to believe. So is it true? Is investing in building a home theater guaranteed to have a solid return in Maryland?

The Short Answer


The Longer Answer

Yes, but how much depends on the quality of the home theater system. Home theaters are swiftly becoming a common feature of pre-built, high-end Maryland homes because the construction business, to remain financially solvent must be constantly responding to market demand. People want home theaters and builders and real estate agents know that not only  will a home theater make a house stand out from the competition, but they can also substantially increase the amount you can charge per-square foot of space.

Theo Kalomirakis, a respected home-theater designer, sold his own apartment, equipped with a home theater, six years ago, “everything in the building was selling for $600 a square foot,” he said. “Because of the theater, I sold my apartment for $850 a square foot.”

A home theater doesn’t have to massive but it will require a room at least 10’x16’ able to accommodate two rows of seating. You’ll also need decent acoustics and lighting to make the experience as true to the cinema as possible. Finally when selecting AV components, it’s best to consult a professional. With the staggering array of possibilities to choose from, only a professional will be able to find top quality components without wasting money.

Installing a Home Theater System In Maryland

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Source: The NY Times

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