Wireless Sound at Your Fingertips

Wireless Speaker

Just click a simple app on your smart phone or tablet, and you’ve got music at your fingertips.

Speakers, subwoofers, power sources, endless wires – sound systems used to seem like they should require a Ph.D. in order to operate. Nowadays, a functional, high quality sound system only requires two things: wireless speakers, and an app.

No more cassettes, records, or CDs – music streaming services and Wi-Fi connected speakers allow for incredible connectivity and customization, without all the hassle of mixed tapes or CD changers. Just click a simple app on your smart phone or tablet, and you’ve got music at your fingertips.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Wireless Sound?

There are many different options out there for wireless sound systems, with companies like BoseDevialetMonsterNaimRaumfeld and Wren, as well as big-name home-theater companies like LG and Samsung having joined the party. Some speakers excel in one particular area, but all of the possible systems share three key benefits:

  • Ease of Use

Wireless systems can sometimes become a hassle to set-up and maintain. But the sound systems from Bose, Sonos, and Denon all offer foolproof set-up process, and easy-to-use apps. Most systems rely on their own personal app, or Spotify. Spotify’s Connect feature can sync and control lots of third-party devices from inside its own app, which allows for easy transitions on the run to hearing it all over your house.

  • Great Sound

Even the least expensive sound systems on the list have the ability to pump out an impressive amount of high-quality sound. The Sonos Play:3 speakers and the wood-cabinet Wren V5US both clock in at just under $500 and offer home-theater levels of sound quality on a much more affordable budget.

On the high end of the budget, the Devialet Phantom has the ability to play uncompressed high-resolution audio, though the set-up and user experience leaves something to be desired.

  • Customizability

The best wireless systems are easy to manipulate and scale up or down as necessary. The best systems offer a variety of kinds of speakers, suited to different environments. Sonos even offers multiple speakers designed for different-sized rooms, and even ones that can provide surround sound for home theaters.

Ready to Invest In The Wonders Of Smart Technology? We Can Help.

Investing in a Smart House can provide you with both state of the art fire protection and home security essentials. We can also hook you up with the sweet sound of Sonos if you’re looking for an amazing sound system for your home.

If you think you might be ready to investigate into Smart House technology, then give us a shout. We can help you get thinking.

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