Your Maryland Business Needs Video Surveillance

Did you know that, of those who are arrested for stealing from companies, 1 in 6 are employees?

Did you know that, of those who are arrested for stealing from companies, 1 in 6 are employees?

Think your business is too small for video surveillance?  Think again–video surveillance is a vital step in the process of protecting your business from crime.  Even if you’ve just started, a surveillance system can keep your company safe and sound from intruders, possible lawsuits and even the occasional shifty employee.  Active, visible cameras also act as deterrents for those looking to target you.  Why waste money due to criminals when you could invest in a video surveillance system from CSS?

Boosts productivity


You won’t have to waste time monitoring yourself when you have video surveillance, because you’ll always have access to the recordings.  Your employees will also boost their productivity–a report found that video surveillance in restaurants caused a 22% drop in theft and a 7% increase in profits.  Employees were thought to have worked harder because they knew they had surveillance, even though they weren’t constantly being watched.  After all, it’s not like you need someone manning the video at all times, because most video surveillance these days is done digitally, and can be recovered at the tap of a few keyboard keys.  


Stops most thievery


Of course, there will always be people in the world who will steal, regardless of whether anyone is watching or not.  But for the most part, a visible camera can seriously cut down on crime.  Did you know that, of those who are arrested for stealing from companies, 1 in 6 are employees?  Thievery doesn’t have to be a shady individual lurking around outside, planning a break-in.  It can be someone skimming from the register, or sneaking places where they shouldn’t be, using their employee status to their advantage.  A video surveillance system will certainly cut down on those who try to steal, knowing that they’ll always be on camera–and you can weed out the people who aim to do your business harm.


Eliminates interpersonal violence


Whether it’s a sexual harassment charge or employees getting into fights, video surveillance can make sure your employees and patrons are not harming one another.  A simple video can capture violent acts, and this protects your employees on a basic level, by ensuring that their attack can be fought in court and also to cut down on the risks of it happening in the first place.  


Get started with protecting your business today when you work with CSS.


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