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At Chesapeake System Services, Inc. (CSS), we offer all your commercial and residential fire system needs! We provide commercial sprinkler inspection, residential sprinkler inspection, and fire alarm inspection to meet NFPA72 required testing needs. We can assure your systems are functioning correctly and provide you with the necessary paperwork to limit your liability.

We offer fire alarm inspections (annually), sprinkler inspections (quarterly), and fire pump inspections (monthly). Exit signs, emergency lights, and backflow preventers can also be inspected by CSS. Our licensed and insured associates conduct these tests in a timely matter, and during a time that works best with your schedule. After the commercial or residential fire alarm inspections are complete, CSS will then process these tests and send a report to the appropriate person noting what system was tested, when it was tested, and how it performed.

If interested, we would be more than happy to come out to your property to perform a quick site survey so that we can provide you with a fair price.


CSS offers the highest quality commercial fire alarm systems. These systems can be installed in both new and existing construction! We can install, monitor, and service your systems, both residential and commercial!

Looking to save some money?

CSS can switch your current method of fire alarm communication from landlines (plain old telephone lines) to cellular communication! Not sure what that means? By switching to the latest form of communication—here’s what you eliminate. Phone lines, service fees when the phone lines are damaged, phone line bills!

Cellular communication is the latest and greatest. Not only is it more reliable and less stressful, but it saves you money on your property maintenance! Who doesn’t like the sound of that?


Office Phone: 800-205-4909

David Sade, Manager

Tom McGuire, Lead Fire Technician

Jonathan Hurley, Sprinkler Division