Whole House Audio

Never miss a beat of your favorite song with a whole house audio system.

The right system can transform your music and movies and change the overall feel of your home for the better. CSS will customize your whole house audio system so that the speakers are seamlessly integrated into the layout of your home.

Imagine you are in the kitchen preparing for a dinner party. Your guests start to arrive and you escort them out to the backyard patio. You pick up your smartphone and turn on music so that it is playing before they enter your outdoor entertainment oasis. You can control your music and volume from any of your devices always with a whole house audio system.

You can enjoy your guests and your home as your whole house audio system streams any type of music effortlessly.

With Stealth Acoustics Invisible Speakers, you are enveloped in sound… without having esthetically intrusive speakers installed throughout your entertainment space.

Invisible Speakers perform flawlessly and would be a luxurious, modern, piece of technology that allows you to have high quality sound, while complimenting the interior design of your home.