Home Connected Services

Monitor and control your smart security system from anywhere. You can have complete remote access from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Using GSM technology, these systems are tamper-proof.

Imagine how simple it could be to implement control of your home and have it all at your fingertips. You can ensure that your child remains in a protected area of the home. You will be notified when your elderly loved one is mobile. You can see when the kids come into the home or the dog walker arrives. Have it all controlled by the touch of a button that only you have access too. Control your smart security system from your vacation spot, and know if a protected area has been breached. That is total control.

You can stay in tune with all activity in your home, not just the alarms. You can monitor the sensors without the systems being armed.

CSS can customize your smart security system to best fit your needs and security concerns.

Pick and choose to monitor areas of concern in your home like pool gates and ground-level bedroom windows. View system status, monitor sensor activity at your property, arm and disarm the system. Automated e-mail and phone notifications let you know when doors or cabinets open, and when motion activity is detected.